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Asiri Group, extend its focus on Subfertility treatments to regional Sri Lanka, through MES QWIKCheck Gold analysers by Partnering with Analytical Instruments Pvt Ltd


Being the market leader in Subfertility treatments in Western Province -Sri Lanka, Asiri Group has extended its laboratory arm to regional Asiri Group centers in sperm quality analysis through MES
QWIKCheck Gold analysers.

As Analytical Instruments PVT Ltd, we are humbly proud of being able to partner Asiri Group, to
strengthen its ambitions project to become the market leader in Subfertility treatments, thus enable to provide a lasting solution to millions of expectant parents around Sri Lanka.

The QwikCheck™ is a high performance, menu driven analytical medical device for assessing human semen. The combination of technology in electro-optics and computer algorithms results in a precise and accurate 75-second semen analysis. The system is self-testing and self-calibrating and runs latex beads or stabilized sperm quality controls.

The total project (5 qty of QWikCheck Gold Sperm Analyzers) was commissioned and completed in January 2022. This new addition of sperm testing has brought relief to millions of parents around the country to seek a better subfertility treatment through automated sperm analysis programme.

College of Chemical Pathologists of Sri Lanka, 6th Annual Academic Sessions 2021 (CCPSL AAS 2021).


The 6th annual College of Chemical Pathology session was held on 26th and 27th July as a Hybrid event at Hilton Hotel, Colombo. The event was consisted with two academic programmes, designed to update knowledge on the current best practices in Chemical Pathology of medical professional, laboratory professionals and the industry.

In addition to that, a forum of 12 foreign faculty with a wide coverage of current and important topics in Chemical Pathology, was discussed.

A guest lecture was done by Dr. Ivan Lam from Sebia APAC, on “Assessment of glycaemic control by HbA1C – Limitations”. The guest speech was well received and enabled to create awareness on Hb A1c testing through Capillary electrophoresis (CE) method as a prominent and accurate method of Hb A1c testing in a clinical environment.