With more than 100 installation base in Sri Lanka, Analytical Instruments Pvt Ltd has established Biomerieux brand name among reputed customers. Thanks to the extensive “menu” offered by the VIDAS system (enabling the analysis of more than 88 different parameters), and adding new special parameters continuously AIPL immunoassay solutions has been able supply customer total immunoassay test requirement.

The system and the reagents in the VIDAS range have long enjoyed an excellent reputation earned by the system’s robustness and the quality of our reagents. The large number of systems installed worldwide facilitates the launch of new parameters on a vast scale, making them rapidly accessible to large numbers of biologists and clinicians. The system’s offer is updated on a regular basis: three new parameters with high medical value were added recently in response to emergency situations in the field of infectious diseases for the management of sepsis, healthcare-associated infections and cardiovascular diseases

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